The Beautiful Sound

Mark Gregory gets all evangelical about our favourite medium

As my learned colleague - Simon Rushton announced in his blog here on Tuesday, it’s UK “Radio Audio Week” right now. So, it seems particularly appropriate for me to also proudly proclaim for the umpteenth time… My total and unequivocal LOVE of sound! In all of its forms.

From Lemmy’s rumbling bass guitar in Motorhead, to the Intel sonic brand trigger. From the rich and engaging tones of Stephen Fry’s simply wonderful voice, to the latest bespoke musical identity we’ve just created right here at Get Carter Productions.

Sound is all around us. From the first chirpings of the dawn chorus, to the final snorts of satisfied snoring, as we finally doze off at the end of another busy day.

As a former radio colleague used to say to clients… ‘you can close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears’. 

Of course, we’ve long championed the true power of audio creativity in the UK radio industry. But it’s when a global icon like George Lucas suggests that his blockbuster movies would have far less impact without their commanding soundtracks of special effects and music, that you really have to stop and think about the true potency of sound.  

Oh, and guess what? When it comes to radio advertising, it shouldn’t ever be difficult either. Certainly not when you approach the task with an empathy and understanding of the medium. And when you appoint a team of radio creative specialists like ourselves, to your audio project.  

We work directly with clients and their agencies too, and whilst it may be “Radio Audio Week” for a limited time only, here at Get Carter Productions - the great sounds never stop.

If you’d like to know how we can enhance the creative for your next radio campaign, please do get in touch.

Finally, to get into the spirit of this special week in the radio industry, do have a listen to some of my personal all-time favourite radio ads from down the decades - just below.

Happy listening.

Mark Gregory.