The specialist will see you now

A canine trauma leads to creative musings from Mark Gregory

We’ve had a lot of problems with the dog recently. To the point where poor little Izzie - our Bichon Frise, had to be referred for an MRI scan. I’m pleased to report that she was given the all-clear, much to our collective relief. But just after we’d received the good news from the veterinary consultant and with a degree of cheeky opportunism - as we all stared at the large screen showing images of Izzie’s apparently perfect spine, I did feel like asking if he could give me his thoughts on some recent lumbar pain I’d been suffering in my own back, while we were there.

Izzie Gregory – In happier times.

If I had, he’d have probably suggested that my ongoing good health would be far better served with a visit to my local GP, and not taking the advice offered by someone who is primarily qualified to deal with animals. And quite right too, but that got me thinking.

At the beginning of a recent meeting with a prospective new client, we discovered that the creative for that company’s RADIO advertising was currently being serviced by… their TV production house.

I’m pleased to report that during the course of our meeting, we must have made a good case for appointing RADIO specialists such as ourselves, as we’ll soon be receiving the brief. Hurrah! And that’s great news all around. Not just for Get Carter Productions, but particularly - for that client. Because it means that going forward, his company will receive sound advice from us on how exactly to get the maximum creative value and best results from the audio medium and not just simply… The ‘radio equivalent of their TV ads’.

So, it won’t just be a cheeky afterthought, like me asking a vet to have a look at my back, as well as the dogs.

Mark Gregory